Adjustable Typhoon Blower Driven Airknife

Air Knives Deliver Flat Sheet of Amplified Air

The Blower Driven Typhoon Airknife has the same functions as the Curtain Transvector. However, by using blowers in stead of compressed air, it can reduce operational costs over 90%.

The Typhoon Blower Driven Airknife is made of an extreded aluminium section with an adjustable air outlet, and it's available in lenght up to 4 meters.

It can be provided as an Airknife only, or as a complete system with blower (side channel or centrifugal blower), ducting and supports.

Available outlet from 0.2 to 5 mm for air pressures of up to 200 mbar and with air-speeds of 200 m/s. Higher pressure or speed can be reached with outlet regulation.


  • Clean, uniform, high-velocity, low-noise air stream Anodized finish for corrosion protection
  • Up to 2500mm with air inlet on one side
  • Connection for pressure gauge
  • Brackets available for compact and easy installation
  • Airknife only or complete system delivery
  • Own design and production for maximum quality and performance