Adjustable Typhoon Blower Driven Airknife: Case studies

November 2015

A large Italian company, committed to the manufacturing and distribution of non-ferrous metals, extruded and drawn, uses a blower driven air knife to remove the cooling liquid from the moving rolled strip. With this solution, the company has improved the efficiency of the production process and reduced costs.

October 2015

A company that produces styrofoam and rigid food packaging has implemented a system of blower driven air knives to remove water droplets that deposit on the surface of the coils of polystyrene exposed to atmospheric conditions. Through a system of air knives built according to the required specifications, the company can dry the coils in an efficient and fast way before the machining process.

September 2015

An industry producing aluminum with electrochemical surface treatment uses blower driven air knives to eliminate the water or the excess acid from the surface of the processed foil. Thanks to a system of air knives, the removal takes place in an efficient manner and without physical contact or sliding.

December 2014

By using a system of Typhoon blower driven air knives, a manufacturer of waterproofing membranes effectively removes the cooling water on the production lines of bituminous membranes. Replacing the previous system, consisting mainly of scrapers, the company has been able to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of the drying process subsequent to the water bed cooling.

November 2014

A company that manufactures equipment for extrusion of plastic materials successfully uses an adjustable Typhoon blower driven air knife in a drying process. The air knife model 951-600 effectively removes the residual water retained by the strap after immersion in a bath for cooling prior to the step of coiling.