Curtain Transvectors: Case studies

July 2021

A company for the processing of cardboard has adopted a customized system of air knives to convey strips of glass fabric. They are tunneled through an "air sheet" to the collection plan of the discharge of a cutter. The compressed air system has allowed the company to find an efficient solution to convey the processed materials.

April 2021

A manufacturer of robotic systems has assimilated a system of Curtain Transvector Air Knives in a die casting cell for blowing and drying of an aluminum workpiece. It is positioned by the robot under the air knife, which provides the drying. The customizable dimensions of the air knife system have made it possible to adapt the curtain transvectors to the machine where it has been installed and the size of the piece to be dried.

July 2020

A German packaging company increased production rates of their label printing equipment by 34% when a model 921-12 Curtain Transvector was installed to speed ink drying.

July 2020

Cooling parts emerging from a powder coating oven had been the problem for a metal finishing firm until they mounted model 921-24 Curtain Transvector on each side of the product to quickly dissipate the heat.

March 2020

On an automated fabric cutting machine, a problem-prone, retracting clamp bar was replaced with two model 921-24 Curtain Transvectors. The maintenance free air knives hold the fabric in position for slitting and blow away any loose threads.